Marriage Guide For Single and Married Couples

Are you married or still in the waiting list and eager to have a healthy and enduring relationship? Now, approaching the crossroad of late singlehood, are you worried about facing the future with vigor? Is your marriage already shaking or on the verge of collapsing and you want to mend and rebuild it without tears? Are you surrounded by circumstances that made you become impatient with your spouse? Are you zealous to improve on your patience attribute which is a key to sustainable marital relationship? Read and you will get answers to these laudable questions and more.

Treasures in the Forest

Losing her husband with no source of livelihood to take care of her two kids, Ezinwanyi thought an end had come to her life. Read and find out how she found treasures in the forest and was able to cope with the support of her two children who though were young, comforted her as husband and as sons.

Happy Reunion

After their wedding, Aunty Monica and her husband were invited to America for a three-month vacation by Pa Edward. She took in while in America, and in the bid to have an American citizen baby, she tactfully declines travelling back to Nigeria with her husband. She defies every mandate and plea to join her husband to the displeasure of the entire family. The book is a “must-read” as you will discover how the conflict is resolved and the family becomes happily reunited again by divine intervention.

Homes’ Privacies and Management

I guess you are aware that people suffer pains when they lose grip of their private affairs, even, move on to terminate their lives due to associated scandals? If a wife calling her husband “cold fish” in the public could make him put an end to his life, then, a home’s private issue is worth safeguarding. If a mistress who was caught red-handed defiling her matrimonial bed with her personal driver was ready to drug to death rather than face scandal, there is need to keep private matters intact. Learn about:

  • The constituents of a home’s private affairs.
  • Consequences of sharing a home’s private affairs in the public.
  • Most effective guidelines for reintegration of victims to the home and public fold.
  • Obligations of home members to victims of scandals in their homes.
  • Special warnings and counsels to victims of scandals.
  • Whom to share our privacy with.

Emissary of Peace

God has called us to peace. We see Nwakile in the story fulfilling this call as he initiates peace between the people of Amato and the neighboring villages troubling them by suggesting a peace move to King Maduka.  Nwakile, a non-indigenous citizen of Amato village is kind and compassionate and a very wise man. He played the role of an emissary (Messenger) of peace. He initiated the peace move between the people of Amato and their neighbors, who were their blood relative. The peace move met with serious opposition, but at the end, peace rained like water.

Woman of Substance

Marrying Emenike for eight years without a child, Egoigwe decided to go for a second marriage with Ogadi. Their courtship met with serious opposition from her would be sisters’ in-law. Against all odds, they got married but more trouble emanated. Read and you will discover how she suffered humiliation and conspiracy from her husband and co-wives who were married after her.

Plight of Ken

Ken’s village came under attack of insurgents resulting in sudden disappearance of his parents who went for search of bee hives in the forest. His twin sisters were chased into extinction. Left with no trace of his relations, he ran to the Great City thousands of kilometers away from his village for safety. Read more to find out how; -he made it to the Great City, how he survived in the land of surgeon, his twin sisters and parents were found and how the family spent the rest of their lives in the Great City.

Raising and Managing Family Finances

Do you have problems managing your income or you have a single source and want to multiply your sources. Is it difficult for you to save or pay debts?  Are you aware that family financial crisis has signs associated with it and financial stress can be effectively handled? This book will help you;

  • Create more opportunities of increasing your family income.
  • Manage your income properly.
  • Save for the rainy day.
  • Pay your debts.
  • Identify signs of family financial crisis and financial stressors.
  • Understand the causes and effects of financial stress on family members and
  • Guidelines for overcoming financial stress.

Sampson my Mentee

This book reveals a mentor vs mentee relationship obtainable in the secondary school system. Sampson, through mentoring was able to beat Ozii the most intelligent student in their class. Read more to find out the mentoring strategies Sampsons mentor employed which took him from nobody to somebody in class activities up until he won scholarship award into the university.

Weep not Daughter

In her late thirties, Akudo was single and eager to settle down. She recalled with pains many relationships she kept that could have resulted in marriage which her silliness could not permit. Read more and you will discover how she felt when her junior sister married and how she finally made it happily at the end of the day when all hope seemed to be lost.